Fresh Peonies 2020 May 1st – June 30th

Free shipping on all orders!

Bouquets and large quantities of stems for weddings and events.

Delivery is free with the exception of Saturday . 

Available from 24th for Mother's Day, Graduation, Prom & Special Events in 2020 May 1st - June 30th.

Shipping Policy

PEONY FLOWERS will be shipped by FedEx priority overnight with tracking information. Credit card will be charged at time of order to reserve the flowers for you. Cancelled orders will be charged a processing fee of up to 7% total price, to cover both the in and out fees associated with cancellation, the funds are retained by credit card processor and bank, they are not recoupable by Pure Peonies.


Return Policy

Please contact us by email . We work hard to raise and ship only healthy, vigorous, peonies grown in organic soil. We guarantee healthy, and fresh peony flowers when we ship them. We cannot be held responsible for losses due to extreme weather, the receivers handling of the flowers and storage conditions, please open the boxes promptly upon receipt. Please report any shipping damage or missing items Within 24 Hours of receipt of your packages. Thank you!