Garden Treasure (Itoh)

ITOH - GORGEOUS YELLOW GOLD SEMI-DOUBLE TO NEARLY FULL-DOUBLE; Garden Treasure's petals are lightly flared scarlet.  Garden Treasure has a green & cream center with pink stigmas, with leaflets that are semi-glossy.  Flowers pop well out of foliage.  The fragrance of this flower is unrivaled by any other, well, maybe rivaled but not surpassed.  It's a combination of lovely to look at and enjoy a wonderful fragrance.

Fragrance: Fragrant

Bloom Time:  Midseason

Size: 27 inches tall

Reasons To Love It: This ITOH is deservedly a regular award-winner.  Garden Treasure is bright & colorful as it is symmetrical & refined. Garden Treasure is a consistently superb performer & long-flowering.

Winner: APS Gold Metal & Best Landscaper

Hybridizer: Hollingsworth, 1984

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