Many Happy Returns

RICH, WARM RED ANEMONE to BOMB; Many Happy Return's pom-pom red blooms are occasionally highlighted by a few yellow edges on their collars. Its stems are erect & have lightly-waved leaflets. Red is truly an amazing color in the garden.  Put one of these on the distant corner of a garden and it'll catch your eye from afar.

Bloom Time: Early Midseason

Size: 28 inches

Reasons To Love It: Many Happy Returns has made for Many Happy Pure Peony Customers. Hollingsworth’s Gold Metal Winner is well-respected for the richness of its red. It also has many stems and is very prolific. It's fantastic for floral designs due to the fact that Many Happy Returns has long-lasting cuts (holds for weeks in storage!).

Winner: APS Gold Medal & Best Landscaper Medal

Hybridizer: Hollingsworth, 1986

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