DIY Events & Weddings: Maroon (Qty of 50 | 100 | 150)


Fuchsia and Maroon Peonies are a favorite among many who want to showcase bright vibrant colors at their even.  Fuchsia and Maroons are eye-catching and go well with many other color schemes.  They are great for outdoor weddings.

Our fuchsia/maroon peonies are the best out there.  They have huge blooms, thick stems and radiant hues (Renato, Best Man, Mme. Emile Debutante) and great fragrance!

The fuchsia and maroon peonies on our farm last through the whole peony season (May through July).

When you order, there is an important special note section.  There, please indicate the date of your wedding and when/where you'd like your gorgeous fuchsa/maroon peonies delivered, as well as any other important detail that you'd like included!  

Include a phone number so we can call as well, to make sure we have reserved the perfect peonies for your special day!