Old Faithful - Wholesale 10 plants

DEEP VELVETY RED to FULL-DOUBLE; This renowned peony has an enormous bud & heavy substance. Known for its reliability – Hence the name “Old Faithful”! It is as spectacular as fireworks and will enjoy a long vase or arrangement life.  Oh, did we mention they are huge blossoms, see full-sized dinner plate at base of photo for reference.

Bloom Time:  Midseason

Size: 36 inches tall, very large blooms

Reasons To Love It: Old Faithful is considered one of the most advanced peonies for landscaping characteristics & the “Gold Standard” for future breeding efforts. This Peony is low-maintenance, and perfect for the viewed landscape. 

Winner: APS Gold Medal & Best Landscaper Peony

Hybridizer: Glasscock/Falk, 1964

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