Wholesale & Florists

Pure Peonies has over 100K fresh, premium stems over 16 inches in length available for wholesale and florists. We sell in 100 stem quantities.

For orders over $1500 we can deliver in Washington State for $120.  You can also arrange to pick up your flowers on the farm for free.  

For our fresh cut flower collection please look here:  https://purepeonies.com/collections/diy-brides-events

To sign up to be a Pure Peonies wholesale or floral customer, email us a sales@purepeonies.com and in the subject line give us the email you would like to have on file and we will put you in our database within 2 business days.

Our peony season begins around Mother's Day and ends around the Fourth of July.  Beginning the 2016 Season, we are also selling oriental poppies, hydrangeas, and dahlias. See our bloom chart below: