Black Owl Premium Organic Biochar

Our Secret to Great Growing

(Biochar will ship it in a separate box from your Bouquet or Tuber Order)

Black Owl Biochar (TM) products have greater than 70% Organic Carbon. Black Owl Biochar's Premium Organic Biochar is OMRI-Listed.

12 Best Reasons to use Black Owl Biochar:

  1. Enhances Soil Fertility Permanently
  2. Increases Land Productivity & Value
  3. Enhances Soil Ecosystem- Beneficial Soil Biota, Microbes & Fungi which Feed Plants & Aerate soil
  4. Mediates Water Conditions for Soil, Resulting in Percolation & Aeration Improvements
  5. Optimizes Water Holding Capacity = 5-9 X its Weight, Good in Droughts, Saves Water
  6. Improves pH of Acidic Soils
  7. Increases Cation Exchange Capacity, Restoring Struggling Soils & Plants
  8. Retains Nutrient, Eliminates Nutrient Runoff; less Fertilization Needed
  9. Increases Seed Germination
  10. Augments Plant Size, Vigor, Blooms & Yield
  11. Improves Texture & Tilth
  12. Free of Seeds, Weeds & Manure

An application rate of 5%-10% is typical to maximize the utility of your potting mix/soil. BOB's particle size remains in the essential root area and won't wash through the soil like other amendments. Added ENVIRONMENT Benefits is that, this sequesters carbon Biochar for over 1000 yrs a contribution you'll make with each use on anything you have growing. We get very hardy, healthy, vigor plants and trees. We recommends adding this when planting tubers. It is typically a one-time application.

We offer BOB's Premium Organic Biochar in cubic foot bags as well as large bulk totes and truck quantities for large landscaping and agriculture projects. If you would like to know pricing for large-scale projects, please contact us at: