DIY Events & Weddings: Blush (Qty of 50 | 100 | 150)


Blushes exude grace and elegance, and are a popular classic choice for brides. 

Our blush peonies are sweetly, fragrant, feminine and typically come in doubles. Their blooms are large and textured, with many petals.

We can reserve and send you beautiful blushes from early May to July.

At Pure Peonies we have such a range of blushes that we have the whole peony season covered with them. You have great choices of fragrant doubles (such as Shirley Temple, Lady Orchid, My Love, Pillow Talk) or singles (such as Age of Victoria or Athena!)  

Single blushes are typically early season, but doubles can go all the way through the third week of July (with such peonies as Myrtle Gentry - a popular pick among brides).

When you order, there is an important special note section.  There, please indicate the date of your wedding, whether you are interested double blushes, single blushes or a combination thereof, and when/where you'd like them delivered, as well as any other important detail that you'd like included for your special day!   Include a phone number so we can call as well.  

That way, we can reserve the best blushes from our farm for you. Overnight shipping with insulation and ice to have the flowers arrive in prime condition, included in pricing.