Etched Salmon - Wholesale 10 plants

STRIKING SALMON-PINK DOUBLE; Etched Salmon peony is a double rose type with no stamens, pollen or seeds. It has a terrific stem strength and its Pink-salmon blooms with unusual and attractive edges and lovely symmetry in concentric swirls.

Fragrance: Fragrant

Bloom Time: Midseason

Size: 34-36 inches tall

Reasons To Love It: This botanical work-of-art is finely cupped with perfect petal symmetry. Etched salmon is terrific for both landscaping & cut flowers for spectacular arrangements. With no pollen, this beauty is also great for weddings. One of Pure Peonies’ favorites.

Winner: APS Gold Metal & Best Landscaper Peony

Hybridizer: Cousin/Klehm, 1981

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