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BRIGHT PINK, MATURES to WHITE FULL DOUBLE; Joker peony enjoys at least 3 different colors - beginning as a neon pink, then transitioning to a ice pink & then a bone white! Joker has dark Foliage. We enjoy the transitions on the plant and in vase, and were we ever forced to choose 1 peony, it would likely be this, Joker.

Bloom Time: Early-Midseason

Size: 32 inches tall

Reasons To Love It: The “Joker” peony is aptly named – opening a bright pink, and maturing to beautiful white organza centers with a pink picotee on its tips. Joker also enjoys and enormous number of blossoms. This “chameleon” is a favorite at Pure Peonies!  This is a joy to work with and bouquets are lovely, it goes with any other peony in the field and is great in a mixed bouquets.

Hybridizer: Landis/Rogers, 2004