Myrtle Gentry

LARGE PINK to WHITE DOUBLE; Myrtle Gentry has a delicious “tea rose” fragrance & is a “chameleon” in that it blooms as a very light pink that fades to almost pure white.  Everything you'd want in a peony and one can never have too many of these always consistent performers.

Fragrance: Very Fragrant

Bloom Time: Late 

Size: 36 inches tall, 5-7 inches in diameter.

Reasons To Love It:  Myrtle Gentry has one of the most beautiful scents around. This peony is robust, vigorous, prolific, broad & has nicely rounded petals of wonderful substance & eye-catching luster - very popular among florists for weddings & one of Pure Peonies’ favorites.

Hybridizer: Brand, 1925


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