Old Rose Dandy (Itoh)

ITOH – STAR-LIKE FLOWER in tones of HEATHERED ROSE, beautiful leaves of Itohs or tree peonies with a nicely-rounded shape to the plant and foliage.; Old Rose Dandy has some of the most unique colors on any flower - hues reminiscent of the coppery opalescence of an old gem. It has purple pigments as it matures and more copper if left in a cooler.

Bloom Time: Midseason – Late Midseason

Size: 32 inches tall

Reasons To Love It: This dandy is hugely popular for its unique “starburst” appearance. Old Rose Dandy also has a prolific bloom which contrasts beautifully against dark green leaflets. A favorite at Pure Peonies!

Winner: Best Landscaper Peony & Award of Merit

Hybridizer: Lanning, 1993

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