Pink Vanguard

Collections: Blushes, Herbaceous, Pinks, Semi-Doubles

Category: Blush, Peony, Pink

COOL PASTEL PINK SEMI-DOUBLE; Pink Vanguard's broad pink “shield” petals surround several rows of inner petals, Forming a very Large Cup. This Peony's large leaflets have a deep raspberry tint.  Limited Quantities of this hard to find luxury peony.

Bloom Time:  Early-Early Midseason

Size: 35 inches tall

Reasons To Love It: Pink Vanguard is a truly exquisite flower.  It has a glorious, luminescent hue of pink & has great substance.  This Peony stands tall & erect with very broad leaflets & a deep bush.  It makes a great landscaper & is one of Pure Peonies’ favorites.  Very much worthy of its landscaper award.

Winner: Best Landscaper Peony

Hybridizer: Seidl/Hollingsworth, 2005