Pink Bouquet Collection - Free Shipping

Available after May 20, 2016.  Please send email with your requests after that date.  

A Pink Peony Event/Wedding is the ultimate statement of femininity and can range in so many different shades of pink!  Our  pinks range from pastels to vibrant, and come in every bloom type (doubles, semi-doubles, bombs, Japanese and very rare singles).  Pinks are terrific in giving you a lot of variety of types and they tend to have a longer season in the Summer due to the number of types.

We can reserve and send you a combination of vibrant pinks (such as Dayton or Dr. Alexander Flemming)  or we can send you understated and pastel pinks such as (such as Nancy Nora or Jacorma).  Because there are so many to choose from, you can do a combination of bloom types to vary bouquets and arrangements.

Pink peonies on our farm do best in May/June, but our pinks can range from late May to Mid-July.

When you order, there is an important special note section.  There, please indicate the date of your wedding, what color(s) of pinks you are interested in and if you'd like the traditional doubles or more unconventional blooms such as singles or Japanese (singles do best early in the season). 

Include a phone number so we can call as well, to make sure we have reserved the perfect pink peonies for your special day!  All flowers ship OVERNIGHT PRIORITY and are thermally wrapped for the freshest possible flowers.  This shipping is included in the price!

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