DIY Wedding/Event: Red (Qty of 50 | 100 | 150)

The red color is still the most provocative, bold color that is associated with romance. 

Our reds are top-of-the-line, rich and velvety with a sweet fragrance.

We can reserve and send you a combination of large vibrant and true reds (such as Henry Bochstoce, Red Charm, Red Grace) and/or we can send/mix velvety, chocolate reds (such as Buckeye Belle and Old Faithful).  Red peonies enjoy very thick stems and huge blooms (up to 9 inches in diameter). 

Reds grow most prolifically on our farm in June, so a June wedding is best for Reds.

When you order, there is an important special note section.  There, please indicate the date of your wedding, whether you are interested in true reds/chocolate reds or a combo, and when/where you'd like them delivered, as well as any other important details that you'd like included for your special day!   Include a phone number so we can call as well.  

That way, we can reserve the best reds from our farm for you!

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