Traditional Multi Collection


Sorry, sold out for Mothers Day...Orders not available until May 20th, 2016.  Please email your request, while inventory is unavailable. 

If you are interested in more than one color collection from the peony color pallet, Pure Peonies can provide you a mix of traditional colors of your choice! 

Some brides like to have a mix of colors - such as vibrant pinks/whites/yellows, or reds/corals.  We would like to get you exactly what you want on your wedding day! 

This collection is considered a "Traditional Multi-Collection" because it includes the most numerous choices of peonies - herbaceous ones!  They are typically fragrant doubles (such as Sarah Bernhardt) or semi-doubles (such as Coral Charm). 

We can reserve and send your combination of traditional colors from early mid-May to July!  

Indicate for us in the special note section what you are hoping for (ex. "50 pinks", "50 purples") and we will reserve our finest combos of traditional herbaceous peonies for you. 

Please indicate in the special note section, the date of your wedding, and what delivery details are important about your special day so we can at Pure Peonies, help make that happen! 


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