Bouquet: Large or Extra Large Florist Designed TREE & ITOH Bouquet

If you are interested in more than one collection from the peony color pallet with non-traditional peonies, Pure Peonies can provide you a mix of non-traditional colors of your choice.  Itohs are a cross between a herbaceous peony and a tree peony, and have been bred to make wonderful bushes.  The flowers are ever so worthy, and fragrance can be entralling, and specific options can be accommodated.  These are for the peony master gardener or someone who's  "had em all", or "seen them all" in stores or shops.  This will be glam that isn't available elsewhere and is limited in time it's available here.

Give the gift of peonies.   Stems are long and we wrap the bouquets in cellophane, tie them with a bow, and include a lovely card with your message.   Overnight shipping in thermal insulation with bouquet wrap is included for delivery Tuesday through Friday.  Saturday delivery requires an extra charge because FedEx has a special handling fee for that.  These can have greens and more traditional peonies for a handsome bouquet with extended vase life.  

Large Bouquet- 9 Stems; Extra Large Bouquet -17 Stems

Please indicate:

  • Name & address of recipient
  • Desired date of receipt
  • Desired colors
  • What you'd like the note to say

Available in the lower 48 States.

Local Delivery is Available for this Product

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