Waucedah Princess (Tree Peony)

Sold As

TREE – LAVENDER SEMI-DOUBLE; Waucedah Princess has ruffles of soft lavender with flares of deep purple and a yellow center. It is a mound-type peony plant with 40 or more petals. We are taking preorders for 2020 on this one and if we find we can fulfill in 2019 we will.  There is still snow on the ground here.

Fragrance: Fragrant

Bloom Time: Midseason

Size: 24-26 inches tall

Reasons To Love It: Waucedah Princess is true royalty; cloaked in regal lavender, with splashes of deep purple in the center. It has slender but strong stems, and many large blossoms. It is a very rare tree peony.

Hybridizer: Reath, 1988

Although we are sold out of Waucedah Princess, we are selling a similar purple/lavender peony here.

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