White Collection


White peonies represent elegance and present beautifully in a neutral-colored wedding. 

Bouquets of white can be mixed with just about anything and look beautiful.

Your whites can range from true white (like Mother's Choice and Allan Rogers) to true white with flecks of Red (Like a very fragrant, favorite Festiva Maxima, which goes really well with purples), to a creamy white (like Elsa Sass), to less common Japanese mixes of white with a yellow center (such as Honey Gold)!   If you are interested in a mix, we are happy to provide at Pure Peonies!   

Our whites begin blooming around Mid-May (Alba Plena) and can continue through early July.

When you order, there is an important special note section.  There, please indicate the date of your wedding, whether you are interested in pure whites, cream whites, whites with yellow, etc., and if you are interested in frilly petals or rounded petals (see "Alba Plena" vs. "Elsa Sass"),  when/where you'd like them delivered, as well as any other important detail that you'd like included!  

Include a phone number so we can call as well, to make sure we have reserved the perfect white peonies for your special day!

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