What Makes Pure Peonies unique?

We love peonies and we love sustainability. Everything we do on the farm employs green practices, so you can be assured that your root or flowers for an event do not have pesticides. We have grade A stems and hearty, healthy and big roots.

Can I visit the farm?

Pure Peonies is a destination farm in Whatcom County, Washington. We love to have people out to the farm when we are in bloom season which starts around Memorial Day and ends at the end of June. Often we have florists, wedding planners, bloggers, Master Gardeners and other peony enthusiasts out that this time. Stay tuned to Facebook for updates on the season based on weather conditions. 

When do you ship peony plants?

Peonies like to be harvested when the soil is cooler. They also like to be transplanted when it is cooler. The best time to harvest and ship is in the fall. We take preorders all year and ship starting October 1st. You will receive an order confirmation in your email or SMS text when your order has shipped. See our Peony Care page with planting instructions. 

When do you ship peony stems?

We ship peony stems when they are in bloom. Bloom season in Washington state is in the Spring. We ship everywhere in the US and often can supply buds from Memorial Day to early July. When ordering for an event or wedding, you can specify the day you'd like your flowers arrive. We suggest the day before the big day. See our Peony Care page for instructions. We have a calendaring system in our cart so you can specify the date you need the stems to arrive. 

Do you sell other plants or flowers?

We do have other plants on the farm, although our primary crop are peonies. On occasion we will list those plants online for short sales. We also use hydrangeas, poppies, dahlias and greens in bouquets. 

Do you have workshops?

We do have workshops in the spring and occasionally in the fall for planting instructions. Please check our Facebook page for updated Events. 

What is your return policy?

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for information on returns.