Meet the Team

The Pure Peonies Team

  • Renel Anderson

    After retiring from a business career, Renel discovered her passion for nature, particularly in landscape design and flowers.  She went back to school in horticulture and got a degree in a floral design program.  She, like the rest of the team, has a passion for chemical-free farming.  She enjoys taking orders for weddings and arranging.  Renel's favorite peonies are: Hillary, Summer Glow, Charles White, Red Charm, Coral Sunset and My Love

  • Jim Wright

    After retiring from a career in mechanical engineering, he and his wife Renel started Pure Peonies together.  He really enjoys his hands-on work on the farm and going to the Bellingham Farmers Market to sell bouquets, potted peonies and take orders for tubers.  His favorite peonies are: Old Faithful, Merry Mayshine, Athena and Bartzella

  • Amber

    Amber has enjoyed a diverse career in television, online media and graphic design.  She is the webmaster and elements creator for Pure Peonies and the logo creator/media specialist for Biochar Supreme/Black Owl Biochar.  Amber became very involved in the practices of organic farming, when her parents, Jim and Renel taught her about it.  Her favorite peonies include: Mons Jules Elie,  Coral Charm, Color Magnet and Avis Varner.

  • Jessica

    Jessica has a genuine love for flowers as well as her family.   She is excellent at making arrangements knows all of the peonies here like the back of her hand.  Her favorite peonies include: Old Faithful, Mons Jules Elie, Joker, Coral Charm & Red Grace.

  • Jose

    Jose, Jessica's husband, has also been hard-working on the farm for two years.  He is seen on the farm always with a cheerful smile on his face. He and his wife Jessica work together - he does a lot of excellent labor-intensive roles on the farm - like plant protection.  He also works for our Black Owl Biochar business.  His favorite peonies include: Bartzella, Old Faithful,  Coral Charm & Coral Sunset.