By acknowledging the terms and conditions of purchase with Pure Peonies, you are stating that you are aware of the time schedule that the flowers grow, are harvested, and are sent to you.  

For Cut Flowers: An advanced purchase can be made at any time, but the buds do not appear until May and end in early July.  Therefore, cut flowers are only available during this time.  We request that you order the flowers in advance, put a "note" about the date of your event (between May and early July) and Pure Peonies will ship them to you a few days in advance of the event.  For more information on this please look at our page "Shipping" and scroll to the DIY Brides and Events (for information on care of flowers in advance of event. 

For Plants: Best practices for the health of the plant is to harvest a tuber in the Fall.  Specifically, Pure Peonies harvests our plants between September 1st and October 1st.  Ordering a non-potted tuber at any time of year will mean that it is shipped to you during the subsequent fall.  It is also best to plant the tuber in the Fall as at this time the plant is "asleep". For more information on this, please see our "Shipping" page and scroll to the Tubers section for information on the care of your plant when it arrives in the Fall.