Shipping - Fresh Flowers

We are so pleased you decided to order your Grade-A peony tuber and/or fresh-from-the farm peonies in bloom from Pure Peonies.

Below is some information of tuber and bloom shipping that we employ, which is also typical of most peony retailers.

We keep tuber shipping cost as close to actual shipping cost as possible. 

Weddings, Events & Special Occassions

  • Peonies make the best cut flowers, and last in excess of a week.  We recommend that the delivery date is about 2 days before your event.  We do overnight delivery.  Your peonies will arrive looking like a ball of petals and will open up to a large bloom when hydrated.  Each stem will have one flower in bud.

  • The average stem length of your peony is 16 inches or longer. The vase life of your peonies is approximately a week, and sometimes longer. Peonies' blooms often change color hues as they mature in the vase.  Some colors "bleach out" when they mature. Peony scent ranges from none to very fragrant.  With DIY Brides/Events we do the best we can to make sure you get fragrant blooms. 

  • Your peony will arrive looking "asleep" and we assure you this is typical of the shipping process.  As soon as you hydrate them, they will liven up and begin to open with perfect timing! Since flower life is dependent on its environmental factors there is a slight variation in exact color tones.  However, in the event of a substitution, we assure a peony similar to the original peony order, and of equal or higher substitution.

  • Upon Peony Arrival: Open box, inspect.  Fill buckets/vases with 4 inches of fresh, cool water.  If you have flower food, add that also. Cut stems diagonally with scissors to desired length.  Allow peonies at least 4 hours to hydrate, and keep them away from excessive heat or light.  Change water every 24 hours.  To accelerate bloom put stems in warm water.